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Business Safari

gives you a head start


Your TV program for doing business in Africa


Business Safari is about branding Africa.

In the core it is a talk show. Guests, ranging from CEO’s to freelancers, from consultants to fashion designers, from farmers to bankers, all participate in the ‘doing business in Africa’ discussion.
The talk show table will be either in our studio or your company could be hosting this program. We have a fully equipped mobile broadcast studio.

Topics vary from straightforward investment advice to market analysis, business trends, growth opportunities, innovations and challenges, experiences, dos and donts.
All these discussions and topics will be illustrated with reportages shot on location and filmed with a strong and specific visual style.

Business Safari gives ‘doing business in Africa’ the platform it deserves.

So in the long run ‘business as usual’ means as usual, also in Africa!

Huizing Harvest – Botswana

Babu Katanga – SANEC

Bartjan Pennink – Botswana

10 Reasons to invest in Botswana


Leadership through dialogue

Leadership through dialogue

Leadership through dialogue. Kgotla principles are, according to Martijn de Liefde, powerful tools for decision making. He outlines how he turned this indigenous Botswana knowledge into a business model with clients like Rio Tinto, KLM, Rabobank among others. For De Liefde Botswana is an attractive business destination. He walks the talk because he's currently moving his worldwide headquarters of the Kgotla Foundation from Amsterdam to Gaborone. Kgotla is an open dialogue technique that has been used in Botswana for centuries. The Kgotla Foundation uses these techniques to help leaders and organisations deal with complex problems.

Kgotla Botswana

NAFTC Africa – Botswana

Mokgosi – BITC Botswana

Moremong – BITC

Business Safari – Bejo Seeds

Business Safari – Marel

Mamadou Landoure – Dutch Embassy Mali

Harry Pot – Skycam Technologies

Peter-Bart Lichtenbeld – Vencomatic Group

Peter Niekus – Rabobank

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